A word about style ...

My makeovers are different. Im here to help make order out of chaos - from how you shop to how you curate your wardrobe... when you stand in front of your wardrobe with nothing to wear ... its because of the chaos thats in front of you ... by ordering you wardrobe into a ' your signature style' you have order. You can think more rationally about something that is not rational ... your wardrobe is actually a collection of emotional impulse buys and (what you wear for an occasion leaves memories - your wedding, that christening etc) the way you dress say a lot about the way you think about you - your personal brand.

My makeovers are designed to offer you tools to manage your wardrobe and the way you shop. Its a balance of science meets art and inside and outside work .... my mantra ... beauty comes from within the outside gets you noticed .... thats because ....

The outside (the way you dress) the skills and the how to of creative can be learnt - (chapter to networking survival guide)

The foundations behind creating your style is an understanding of the science to be able to embrace the art behind your unique style.

The time invested in this makeover means you're always set to KICK off your busy day with the added confidence you only get when you're prepped and primed (with your best colour assets) to be your best as you look and feel your own kind of beautiful.

Who knew dressing up involved science ? And Art

Honestly! If you're looking for timeless confidence to age-proof your look, knowing you always looking put together - This no nonsense (customisable) style and beauty makeover (backed by science) will teach you the skills you need to know but have never been taught or shared with you.

You'll consistently looking put together, fresh faced and bright eyed With your perfect colours . That's what I mean by age-proof. The geeky scientist in me loves sharing real insights and know hows ...not fluff so you get results.

Choose your Wow Factor Makeover

& Shift from average / awkward to Awesome.

Working with me is more than a shopping trip. I'm your catalyst to transform your mental style game so you can consistently be your authentic self - using your style and beauty to show up as your finest. You can confidently step out with your kind of wow, knowing that you not only look great but feel great too.

Together we'll banish your style overwhelm, break habits that have kept you stuck with conforming and support you as you discover the essential foundations to transform your style so you're always effortlessly put – together.


Clueless about colours? LETS add a little sunshine to your clothes and makeup wardrobe

Feel inspired by colour in your wardrobe (& beauty bag) , because there's a perfect shade of red, pink, blue, nude, for you.

The perfect set of colours for you, works to harmonise your clothes & cosmetics. Knowing your go to colours makes it easy to select outfits and makeup (lipstick, foundation, polishes) that make you look fabulous and all together - healthier, happier, and more luminous. Your best colours enhance your skin tone and improves your overall complexion, as good as a non surgical facial!

Get set to glow as you discover your best set of colours in this ah-mazing-ing style and beauty makeover session set to totally ageproof your look.


Nothing to wear? Despite a closet full of clothes and countless hours shopping?

Let's shop your closet, dress your shape and create a signature look that's worth a compliment as you shine like the star your.

For women (and men) the world over, we feel our best when we’re looking our best. When you make the effort with your style, whether it's dashing for school run or working from home … honestly, the compliments start with those around, partner, friends.

Compliments are just the WOW a day needed to dial up your wow & sass factor as you're dressed to impress.


Infinite WOW - 24HRS to City Girl Chic Wardrobe

Your Ageless Style & Beauty Makeover.

Let me help you create a wardrobe you love so you can step out with your own signature style killing like the other sassy city women you see!

This a series of tailored sessions, unique to you will have you looking good for good. Whether it's shopping for your shape, getting clued up about colours for your closet / cosmentics or creating your own beauty regime you'll have it all sussed out.