Build a Signature Style & Wardrobe you Love.

Do you struggle with what to wear for work - conforming but with the right amount of wow factor and sassiness for you?

Maybe you ponder over that perfect outfit that fashionable but not overly trendy so your effortlessly put together & sophisticated for personal occasions?

You want to figure out the right balance & outfit combinations of every day glam to get you from desk to dining out, the school run or that important networking engagement?

A signature style to look effortlessly put together...not stuck with your average & safe go-to items. Style is your fashion language, a visual story that showcases you before you've even spoken.

Building a wardrobe that's a treasure chest of loveable not loathable items is more than a trip to the shops. The outside job of looking good begins with discovery who you are and what you stand for... to be able to confidently wow those around you with your beauty and brilliance.

Together we can define your signature style so it becomes your platform for creating timeless outfits 'that's just so you' as you become the envy of others.

Banish Nothing to Wear.

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Your Personal Coach & Stylist

Remi Erogbogbo personal stylist

I'VE SUSSED IT. I know for certain I can help you...for work or play. I'll have you sorted for good. I've helped lots of women step away from wardrobe drama to wardrobe love. I’ve got a knack for combining outfits; not afraid to mix & blend colours – clothes or cosmetics.

It’s something I slowly picked up while watching my mum blend western wear with cultural outfits and having wow factor make up & style I’d always wanted to emulate.

If you've read this far... I’m Remi, Personal Coach for success minded women on the go – and I’d love to help YOU!

Standing in front of your wardrobe can be both overwhelming and emotional - leaving you stuck in a struggling pattern of comfort or frustation with zero momentum to change.

Well it's time to

  • forget gasping at your wardrobe with that nothing to wear feeling;
  • ditch being clueless about colours and crafting chic outfit combinations
  • get geeky about cosmetics & skincare products for your bathroom stash.

Let me help you step out of your comfort zone & uplevel your creative style and beauty spark.

Your Style and Beauty Comes from Within. The Outside gets you Noticed.

Other ways to work with me

If Personal Style and Image is not your thing, then you're all about my dash of unexpected.


Authentic Aging

Former celebrity Beautician I've merged my love of Biochemisty to dymystify the Science behind skincare products and nutrition to inspire and eductaion women to flip the narrative around looking and feeling good.

Beauty is written in our DNA. Instead of anti-aging I believe we should embrace Authentic Aging and in my series of Beauty and Nutrition makeovers I help you break down the myths and science around your beauty and healthy nutrition to unlock the beauty that's inately written in all of us.


Businessis beautiful

Former Marketing professional on a quest for more autonomy, flexibility and success beyond my 9-5 career. I look the leap to turn my multi-passions into my profession.

Having executed a range of Marketing Operations solutions, developed & managed Customer Communications plus Visibility Branding Strategies with 6 and 7 figure marketing budgets, I'm well equip to show you how to turn your passion (s) into something profitable in my business is beautiful soirees.

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