Build a wardrobe with clothes you love.

Do you struggle with what to wear for work ... that perfect outfit that says - she means business for professional occasions with a little wow factor for personal engagements (conforming but with just the right items that pop?).

When you build a wardrobe you love, selecting outfits from every day glam to weekend chic becomes effortless - whether you're a busy mum, no business babe or both.

It's more than just designer clothes and following trends - it's defining a signature style and timeless outfits that's just so you, so you stand out like the fabulousity that you truly are.

I suspect in other areas of your life, your a sassy savvy and successful - you've probably had years of training or years of experience under your belt. At work you've got a coach or mentor and if your juggling kids... family and maybe a nanny or a network of professionals. But when it comes to your style and beauty ... you're falling short and maybe never considered a Style Coach.


Start the shift from loathing to loving your wardrobe with my free guide and discover the key reasons most of my clients feel they have nothing to wear.

Your Personal Stylist and Coach

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I'VE SUSSED IT. I know for certain I can help you...for work or play. I'll have you sorted for good.'ve helped lots of women step away from wardrobe drama to wardrobe love. I’ve got a knack for combining outfits; not afraid to mix and blend colours – clothes or cosmetics. It’s something I slowly picked up while watching my mum blend western wear with cultural outfits and having wow factor make up & style I’ve always wanted to emulate. Yes, trends existed from the bell bottoms to xxx but women from the ages have always had a certain style and less fussed about xxxx there was something to be said for dressing to impress - church, parties and for work

If you've read this far.. I’m Remi, Style and Beauty coach for success minded women on the go – and I’d love to help YOU!

Forget gasping at your wardrobe with that nothing to wear feeling; ditch being clueless about colours and crafting chic outfit combinations plus figuring out the must have cosmetics & skincare products to make it to your bathroom stash.

Standing in front of your wardrobe can be both overwhelming and emotional - leaving you stuck in a pattern that'c comfortable because the hardest thing we all struggle with is change. Let me help you unravel your creative style and beauty spark.

Style comes from within, the outside get's you noticed. Remi

A hoarder at heart ...I embarked on a challenge to shop my closet for 12 mths, because my team members where convinced I wore a different outfit every day. Now dubbed the Wow Factor Queen - outfit combining and wearing colours that pop is my thing. Whilst I love to shop it's only a small part of my work with clients. Shifting you from average (style & beauty) to awesome is an inner and out job. For me ..Style comes from within, the outside get's you noticed. aka building a wardrobe that's a treasure chest of loveable not loathable items is more than a trip to the shops. The outside job of looking good begins with discovery who you are and what you stand for... & confidently wow those around you with your kind of beauty and brilliance.

Ready to banish wardrobe woes?

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Book your wardrobe makeover

My signature style and beauty makeovers are designed to help you finally banish your style overwhelm and build the essential foundations to help you always look effortlessly put – together and feeling pretty fabulous every day.

Choose one of my signature makeovers to transform your image and style. Working with me is more than a shopping trip. Let me help you define your style so you can take the guesswork out of dressing and selecting make-up so you look sassy and fab every day. You can confidently & consistently stepping out with your kind of wow, knowing that you feel and look great.




Clueless about colours - LETS add a little sunshine to your clothes and makeup wardrobe

Feel inspired by colour in your wardrobe (& beauty bag) , because there's a perfect shade of red, pink, blue, nude, for you.

The perfectset of colours for you, works to harmonise your clothes & cosmetics. Knowing your go to colours makes it easy to select outfits and makeup (lipstick, foundation, polishes) that make you look fabulous and all together - healthier, happier, and more luminous. Your best colours enhance your skin tone and improves your overall complexion, as good as a non surgical facial!

Get set to glow as you discover your best set of colours in this ah-mazing-ing style and beauty makeover session set to totally ageproof your look.



Nothing to wear - despite a closet full of clothes and countless hours shopping?

Compliments are just the WOW a day needed to dial up your confidence & sass factor. Let's shop your closet, dress your shape and create a signature look that's worth a compliment as you shine like the star your.

For women (and men) the world over, we feel our best when we’re looking our best. When you make the effort with your style, whether it's dashing for school run or working from home … honestly, the compliments start with those around, partner, friends

Tired of Looking average?

Ditch 'compare & despair

you watching others killing it in their outfits

Get colour confident

Banish I hate shopping: you shopping without a plan for another outfit to add to your overstuffed wardrobe.

Banish Wardrobe Woes...

Forget 'I've got nothing to wear !': you standing in front of your wardrobe clueless on how to dress

Create your signature style

Build a style and beauty routine that's authentically you


Be your own City Girl Chic with the ultimate 90 days to WOW wardrobe style makeover


Let me help you create a wardrobe you love so you can step out with your own signature style killing like the other sassy city women!

Totalling 24hrs with me over 90 days you'll discover your style in this complete, no nonsense style & beauty makeover plus personal shopping sessions. Whether it's shopping for your shape, creating a capsule closet or creating your own beauty look this a series of customisable makeover sessions over 90 days will get you to your kind of wow factor.

This a a transformational, totally tailored to you makeover to create the ultimate bespoke style and beauty image that'll get you looking good, for good; all day every day. Spots are limited and by enquiry only.

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