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Client Love

“Thank you Remi I appreciate your spirit, Your professional yet friendly and warm

approach. I learned so much on our VIP Day – it was outstanding and I sensed a real

love and passion for what you do and what you bring to women. You have given me a

sense of what real beauty is within myself. Yes, I must own who I am and what God

has given me to work with. There was so much packed into the day …but Remi kept it

so simple”

-Sylvie 33, Pre-School Teacher

I felt my transformation was complete as I put on the outfits that Remi pulled

together for me. I did not realize it was possible to fit in as a creative-sensitive in a

corporate environment, and still be me, my best presented self! So much lost time

and heartache could have been avoided if only I figured out how my outfits actually

signal to the world who I am. Remi is a genius; she puts together a look that

expressed the creative me at a fraction of the price that I would of spent. Like

Cinderella, now I feel ready to take on the world; no more boring work and Monday


– Dannie 35, Marketing Manager

Remi was able to look at my body type, skin tone and the types of clothes that I

already feel comfortable in and make suggestions. The process was simple, fun and

quick. We spent only a couple of hours at a mall and visited very specific stores where

she knew would have the right clothing to fit my style and budget. It was interesting

how she made it so fun when I have always dreaded shopping. As a mother and

owner of a small business, she knew I did not have a lot of time. She looked in my

closet and talked with me to see what type of clothes I would feel comfortable in and

then went shopping with me around my schedule. I came out of the experience

feeling like a new woman and everyone has seen the difference. Thanks Remi!”

-Helen 40, Entrepreneur

Remi was amazing! This was my first Hollywood wax as I had been put off by bad experiences with previous salons and therapists. She made me feel comfortable and pushed me so I completed the full treatment which I was so grateful for. I absolutely will be booking another appointment with her as for me I feel that being with someone that makes you feel comfortable and confident when having an intimate treatment is incredibly important. Also I appreciate the message she has included in her  New Year email. Its great to see entrepreneurs creating their own businesses and as this is an ambition I hope to aspire to one day I try to support those with the courage to do so where I can!

-Christina 34