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Your personalised style journey and transformation

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My signature Style and Beauty coaching system will be tailored to guide you in your journey of personal transformation. Together we'll assess your lifestyle and personal style goals to discover what you’d like to achieve from your style sessions. Understanding your current beauty choices and routine & using your  current clothing preference as a starting point, I can determine the right combination of my expertise to design your discovery sessions – all the steps to evolve towards the image you’d ultimately like yourself to put on display.

Before working with me you'll need to complete a mini style questionnaire so that I can better determine your style needs. It'll help me to step into your world and truly understand your concerns and aspirations for the best possible version of you that we will work together to create. It's all about enhancing what mother nature blessed you with.

Once I have this in place, I'll have a good understanding of your style goals and together during our VIP discovery sessions your style journey will be mapped to be sure you reach your particular style destination. At the end of every session you go away with style tips and advice that  you can instantly & simply implement, and what's more what you learn will last you a lifetime. You can share your new found confidence and beauty routine with daughters, nieces, friends and partners. You’ll get honest feedback and suggestions on where to go with your wardrobe, and if you follow my advice, dressing up will be always be pleasure, not a struggle. I've always been the go to person for style and beauty tips amongst friends, family and my colleagues – I can't wait for you to be part of my community!

Whether it be our colour style, wardrobe renovation or simply get thrown into a shopping session, there’s something offered for everyone in our range of style services. It’s an investment in your future wardrobe, and an investment in you.

Let us start to build on your style story.