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Wow Factor Colour Analysis

Hello Lovely!
Clueless about colours for your closet and cosmetics choices?

Puzzled whether you can wear the “it” colours?

Like any other woman, do you feel like you have a wardrobe full of clothes BUT have nothing to wear?

​When it comes to your skincare, make-up or lipstick, are you still using the stuff you’ve been using since you were 25? Don’t have the confidence to change it?

Do you end up wearing more make-up for your dark circles or consider more extreme treatments for those wrinkles and age blemishes?

Do you find yourself admiring that woman who always look put-together at the school gate or Starbucks queue?​

You wanna be better dressed for work or play so you can confidently go from desk to dance floor (or home to the kids?)
Well… here’s the solution to all of these beauty & style woes.
Ditch the what I call, “Compare and Despair Drama” and step up to your very own effortless Wow Factor! With me… Remi, Style and Beauty coach to city mums and boss girls like you.
A Nigerian, raised in Souf London; science graduate, former city professional and now a busy mum too. I’ve helped women move from being clueless about colour to confidently rocking the hottest hues!

In my culture we wear colours that ooze sass, effortless style and feminine charm – taking pride in dressing up every day of all week.

Whether it’s the lady boss off to work or mums n’ aunties sashaying to go to church & parties at the end of a busy sun-filled week. It’s all effortless glam.outfits bursting with colour!

I’ve got a knack for combining outfits; I’m not afraid to mix and blend colours – clothes or cosmetics. And I don’t mess with my skincare routine.

It’s something I’ve picked up while watching my mum blend western wear with our cultural outfits and having wow factor make up I’ve always wanted to emulate.

My job is to take the guesswork out dressing up and selecting make-up. I’ll give you a simple and effortless skincare and morning routine so you can look super sassy and fab every day.

For women the world over, we feel our best when we’re looking our best. I know when I make the effort from dashing to do the school run or working from home … my little companion is fast to dish out the compliments…. we all love a compliment and little things that look pretty simply make us smile.

A Dash of Culture, Colour Science & Mindset Makeover : it’s time to get clued up about your Colours, Beauty and Style. With my Wow Factor Colour Wardrobe Makeover services…

Work with me and get set to glow . I’ll have you looking good, for good! Fun, Fab’lous and Fresh. No more clueless or I can’t – be set for daily compliments … Wow… you look ah-maz-ing in that….

Wow Factor Colours
Your complete Colour Style & Beauty wardrobe toolkit for
Radically simple skincare, effortless make-up and chic colours that’ll help you glow.
“Beauty Comes from Within but ​it’s the Outside
that gets You Noticed”
Love or hate it your image matters. It’s time to see beauty and fashion as a self care toolkit. We all have our own standards and affinity towards what is considered beautiful and having a toolkit to enhance, harmonise & compliment our own personal beauty and image is a great way to demonstrate our personalities blended with our own kind of charm and sassiness.

Beauty is magnetic; it’s attractive; and it sure as hell get’s you noticed. See, to get that lucky break at love or in your career it takes more that your career or life resume…it’s confidence and how you present yourself. It’s ultimately the art of sparkle…

The theories of colour analysis state that certain colours are capable of brightening and enhancing your skin by determining the hues and shades most flattering for you.

You can effortlessly have skin to be seen in….with or without make -up and a wardrobe bursting with colours that cleverly enhances what mother nature blessed you with.

Prep and Prime your skin
​Your complexion: Flawless and young looking skin
​backed by the Science of Colour Analysis.
Whether you’re in your 30’s 40’s, 50’s and beyond you can be prepped and set to glow. The right colours can give you clearer complexion.

That’s because combination of the right colours, consistent skincare routine and make up choices suited just for you will leave you looking fresh faced and bright eyed every day.

Starting with Colour Analysis you’ll learn how to achieve flawless skin with your very own colour palette of colours:

With the right colours you can have amazing glowing skin, eyes & hair plus:​
Imperfections are reduced
Skin tone is evened appearing blemish free
Dark circles and fine lines are diminished
Bone structure appears more defined

With the wrong colours your eyes, skin and hair look drab and lifeless​​
Imperfections are highlighted
Blemishes and fine lines are accentuated
You can appear older than you are
You look washed-out and sallowworks
Your best colours will compliment your skin and help with outfit combining in your wardrobe.
With the beauty science over….
​ you’re set for your Skincare makeover.

I’ll be hands on to show you the easy skincare (and make-up tricks) so you can effortlessly complete your glowing day to day look.

Your personalised complexion analysis you will discover how to accentuate your best features and de emphasis the bits you don’t love so much.

Good skincare goes a long way to having younger looking skin and to create that ageless face

* xxxx

Colour Analysis for me is kinda like a non surgical facelift! Truly amazing.

You’ll feel that you’ve woken up in your make up or had simple facelift no botox, no surgery!
Polished & Put together with Your Makeup
Effortlessly casual or desk to dining out – up make up

A hands on make-up tutorial to learn the very best tips and techniques for proper make-up application, the benefits of primers and colour correctors, and

how to accentuate the unique contours and face shape.

You’ll discover the secrets to pretty perfect make up whether you’re after the minimalist, no make-up look or super polished pretty professional look you can rock from your desk to a night out with the girls (or simply be the yummy mummy at the school gates)!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Look Polished and Put Together: with Flawless Foundation

K.I.S.S: keeping it super simple with
Perfect Feminine Lip Colours

Beat morning blues with your set of go to reds, pinks and nudes lipsticks you can rock from season to season. Plus determine how to add your seasonal spring/summer or autumn/winter it colours to your arsenal of cosmetics.

How to achieve sophisticated Wow Brows
Eyebrows are the new red lipstick – bold and beautiful but effortlessly classy. I’ll show you the best shape for your face and your brows without going power crazy with tweezers, waxing or threading.

Its the small things in life that make you feel a whole lot better. Let’s get you face flawless and smiling.

Get My bonus – Mornings Made Easy List

A bespoke list of exactly what to have in your bathroom to what to carry in your make up bag that’ll save you valuable prepping time. Your personalised list of essential and functional beauty products, ingredients and your own personal skincare regime means you’ll own the conversation at the beauty counter ignoring the latest or expensive must have ‘it product’ unless it’s a right fit for you.​

If your face doesn’t say pretty polished and put together you’ve kinda missed that chance to make that lasting first impression.
Once you know your unique colour palette; it’s easy to transform your beauty routine to enhance and flatter you facial features whether you’re wearing make-up or not. ​
Pretty Powerful
Your beauty mindset: Get confident with combining colours that make you glow
The colours of the clothes and make-up you choose to wear can help make you look healthier, happier, and more luminous. Finally figure out your skincare, make up and wardrobe colour choices totally tailor made for you.

See here’s what some of my clients have said….

My no nonsense makeover makes it so easy to be confident knowing that every day you are dressed to impress – a vital component in putting your best face and self forward each and every day. With this, you…
Become confident with colour. It is the ultimate mindset makeover that’ll help you banish those limiting beliefs about your beauty, image and style. You can finally determine your clever set of personal colours that work effortlessly for you, knowing exactly what go to colours to have in your wardrobe and what shouldn’t be there – a closet thats the envy of others.
Gain knowledge of what colours you can combine to make chic outfits with everything in your wardrobe. I’ll help you eliminate those nothing to wear moments.
Learn how to inject colour with accessories​ – From bags to scarves to shoes plus discover your most flattering jewelry – silver gold, pearls and more

​Here’s your complete Wow Factor Colours Wardrobe makeover formula
​ in 3 easy steps.
Step 1
​In your personalised complexion analysis, you will discover how to accentuate your best features and minimise the bits you don’t love so much.

A bespoke list of exactly what to have in your bathroom to what to carry in your make up bag plus your personal list of functional beauty products. – Dubbed as my non surgical facelift!

Step 2
Make-up tutorial to learn the very best tips & techniques for proper make-up application.

From colour correction tools to foundation, blush, lipstick and eye shadows, we’ll identify your exclusive colour palette.

So if it’s no make-up or a glam look you’re going for, you’ll learn which colours and products to use so you can achieve the results you want.

Step 3
Mindset makeover to look Perfectly put together = Pretty Powerful

Finally get confident with colours – say banish green with style envy and moody Monday morning blues! Get up and feel inspired by everything in your wardrobe.

You can have a go to set of colours – because there is a perfect red, pink, nude, white, blue hue … you get it… for everyone.
So there it is! A renewed confidence in three easy steps!

Forget perfection – you are perfect the way you are and I’ll show you how to enhance your features.

I love making a difference and inspiring others and it’s so easy now that I’m doing what I do best.

When you’re dressed to your best, I truly feel that anything is possible, from being a super star role-model for your kids to having the confidence to consistently step up to the boss role in your life.

See it this way – a red rose doesn’t compare itself to a pink rose or Lily. Are you ready to ditch compare and dispair which I call Green with Style envy? It’s not pretty….
Wow Factor Colours Wardrobe Makeover
all year round confidence and compliments because you’re a natural beauty.
Discover your most flattering group of colours, helping you to look your best, feel your best and be your best!

Live Life in Colour!

I look everywhere for inspiration & knowledge to be in service.

And I found this great article about the psychology of colours & your wardrobe. Which brought me to brag about my revamped style tool Colour Analysis. After my own session, it’s what got me confidently wearing red lips & ditching almost 15 cases of my cleverly stored wardrobe pieces.

Here’s why:

Of all the services I offer, Colour Analysis aka my Wow Factor Colours this is the most transformational.

People always think that as a Personal Stylist, my job is taking rich yummy mummy’s shopping. In fact yes my love of shopping is what got me to become a stylist; I was known as the shopaholic amongst my friends (I’ll tell you about my Primark binge & 9 mths shopping ban in another post).


But whilst I love shopping – my gift to you is much richer than that…. What I really love is crafting outfits. My African heritage means I also love doing it with a dash of Colour too. Backed with my professional training to get to grips with the science of Colour plus coaching women to be models in their own lives. I’m not your typical stylist. I started out in the corporate world of branding, marketing & communications – marcomms!

I’d often get compliments at work that I never wore the same outfit twice. I rarely wore black, always opting for every other colour under the sun and work was my runway. I broke the rules with my New York Apple Mac pink lips (as did many of my biz chicks). I even made a bestie because we used to eye up each other’s outfits.

Conversations over coffee breaks or chit chatting at my colleague’s desk would generally end in some style or fashion tip.


My wardrobe was bursting at the seams and a minimal make-up bag was more of a style & beauty treasure chest. I take joy in mixing and matching & finding clever ways to store my stuff! I’d even have a colour selection of accessories. Bags, tights, belts & silver jewellery to  cleverly complete each look. Hair and make-up (manis and lashes were left to the experts) done in a jiffy. I was never the girl that looked at her wardrobe and thought…

“Wardrobe Full of Clothes Yet Nothing to Wear” 

Intuitively, (I’ve been trained on the beauty behind capsule wardrobes, pah that’s for style whoos). Tried it and I got bored … shopping was again a day of joy, trying on clothes and thinking about what items I needed to pull an outfit together. Or simply buying a piece because it would bring joy in wearing one day. Once I realized that I didn’t have enough basics or the right color tights for an outfit because black simply was too harsh … I had to have a shopping day dedicated just for accessories. But again, let’s leave shopping for another story.

Today’s message boils down to: stand out fabulously

Live life in Colour!

It’s sexy & magnetically charming when you’re rocking outfits in colours that’s just so you…. Whether it’s a pop of your perfect red lip & nail colour to that powerfully paired feminine pink with your work wear blue. I’ve got it covered in my signature makeover day – Wow Factor Colours. 

Because that’s what you’ll have people saying … Wow, that colour is just so you.

My journey to being a stylist is not the traditional fashion industry route. I’ve got you covered – tailoring each on on my makeover days to suit you… Nope, I don’t do cookie cutter. I’ll help you craft your unique set of go-to colours, outfits & minimalist make up bag. Because I just get it. You wanna look effortlessly put together.

So stay tuned as I launch this amazing signature service that’s gonna wow your stockings off!


Boost Your Mood with Colours

Science has proven that Colour can definitely alter our mood. From empowering you so you feel more pumped to calming you down at the end of the day. I’ve always found that colours are an amazing way to help lift my mood up when I need it the most.

Adobe Spark (14)

The same goes for makeup. Makeup is not just used now to beautify or enhance one’s features. Makeup can now be used to evoke a particular mood or feel. I do it all the time. I’ll go through these in my list and teach you how to boost your mood with colours:




Red had always been known to remind people of fire and power. Wear red if you want to command attention and respect. It can be an intimidating colour but if you want to be noticed and be listened to. No wonder the renowned designer, Valentino, is just in love with the colour red.




Blue is the opposite of RED in terms of effect. After a long day, I always look at things that are blue in hue. Blue always has the calming effect that lowers blood pressure and soothes the nerves. It will always remind you of the calm sea and the rolling clouds in the sky. This evokes a feeling tranquillity and placidness.




Whenever I’m up to meet someone who I know can be a bit stand-offish, I always go and wear yellow. Yellow is always inviting and suggests a feeling of openness. I always find that people are easier to warm up to me whenever I have yellow in my outfit perhaps because I don’t look as intimidating.



Green reminds me of nature and growth. Maybe that’s why it has always had a calming and relaxing effect on me. And green has a lot of hues and shades that can suit all skin tones. Green evoked the feeling of richness and satisfaction. So if you want to just wind down and have a laid-back day, wear something green!




Kate Sade once said that Orange is the colour of ambition. If you want to channel the brightness of yellow and the passion of red, then there’s no other colour to bring out the best in you than orange. Orange encourages you to be get up and be active. It can motivate you to be productive so you can achieve more.




If you’re up for an interview and you want to feel confident, go for the colour purple. This colour is the colour of richness and luxury. So when you need a boost in confidence to make you feel on top of the world, grab that purple dress and show everyone what you’re made of.



So there you have it. That’s how I use colours to alter my mood depending on what I need that day. Colours do really add life. Not only to your wardrobe but your mood as well.



How tights can help you stay stylish, get more out of dresses (& skirts) in your wardrobe plus where to start shopping for them.

tights, funky, personal stylist, style with remi
With winter in full swing, my staples and fashion uniform consists mainly of thermal leggings or jeans with lovely winter knitted jumpers and an array of knee-high boots to style the look and my go to comfy converse for speed walking and no nonsense outdoor days. It’s all about being cosy and when it comes to style in the winter, the temperature outside kinda dictates how sassy, chic and daring I am. But with a little thought, accessorizing with tights is one of many great ways to create outfit combinations from your wardrobe that’s comfy, easy & effortless. So whether it’s the chic & sophisticated, sassy look or girl next-door, comfy & casual look you’re after, armed with tights as one of your accessories of choice you’re sure to love dressing up in your dresses and skirts.

My Aha moment.

The other day I had 2 style aha moments whilst doing my regular wardrobe clear-out – one being looking for tights meant that I could hit the shops with focus and strategy so that I don’t get overwhelmed with the mass of extra folk in my ‘home from home.’

Playful and pretty tights.

Playful, pretty & fun tights as a way of jazzing dresses (or skirts if that’s your thing), and it means I (you) don’t have to totally hide your legs away until the British weather decides it wants to be somewhat tropical again. The bonus being they’re an effortless way to stay chic, styled whilst adding some much needed drama, excitement & sass to your wardrobe.

Whilst days can be manic, having your feel like super woman – a little more colour and texture in your wardrobe adds an element to uplift your mood.

From the school run, getting on the floor with Lego, trains, running errands and all that dull stuff to actually getting down to the serious work being my own boss, online networking and of course styling clients means that my style has changed to fit with my topsy turvy mumpreneur’s life of style. For the most part tights serve the function of keeping our legs warm, can serve as much needed shape wear and require little effort to anyone’s morning wardrobe moments – if only you start to think about the colours and textures and have a playful and creative sense to your purchases. Whether you’re in a hip & buzzing tech office or corporate more formal law firm you can still conform to a professional look.

The colours you choose to wear are also a great way to brighten your day, mood and stimulate your mind. And using tights and accessories is a great & safe way to start to inject some colour to your wardrobe & life. Warm colours such as reds, oranges and yellows are a great way to inject more energy and awaken your senses throughout the day. By nature, warm colours are vibrant, and helps you to attract people toward you, creating opportunities to being more sociable, and so encourages more fun and passion and less of a dull and stress filled day, especially during the somewhat dull winter months.

For me funky tights and dresses are a great combination & simple way of expressing your unique style, show charm, charisma & femininity without being uber ‘sexy”…

I’m a lover of dresses and I love scouting for vintage pieces to make them totally unique to me & chances are with an array of fashionable tights too, there’s no stopping you in making an outfit combination that’s truly unique to you!

Then there’s the standout and visibility factor – your tights will get seen even with a long winter coat on – imagine the attention you can get – heads turning, compliments & even someone tapping your shoulder to ask where you got your tights from. Basically you’re creativity with your accessories is easy conversation starter And if you’re doing after work drinks or heading out to network you’re ready for a fun night.

Tights are an effortless way to stand out from the crowd with your femininity

The combination of a dress or skirt and tights is a great way to plays nicely with the power that our femininity has to draw attention that allows us to naturally standout. Why own and rock your magnetic personally & charisma to charm your way through obstacles & day-to-day challenges? You only need to take your queues from any number of quotes from Coco Chanel:

“A woman’s education consists of two lessons: never leave the house without stocking, never go out without a hat.”  


“Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress.”

We all have what it takes to exude elegance & confidence, our clothes & how we project ourselves are all part of the magical fashion formula.

Why not be a little more fearless and bold and think textures, prints and colours when buying your tights – you’ll have a wardrobe worthy of being excited about when you get up every day. No more I’ve got nothing to wear moments if you simple take the time to plan & focus on the things you buy and be sure they represent you & your personality. That’s how you get super stylish.

Think of your tights as your new style secret – so simple and effortless. You’ll find you’ve got the key to putting a different outfit combination together from your current wardrobe, with having to splash out too much.

So here are my picks of brands and shops get you started (sparkle and bling to black is a ultra save way to get going with this look so I’ve added ideas here too.)

Walford tights

I was first introduced to Walford back when I worked in retail (I think Liberty’s to be exact). These tights are one of my go to high street but high end and high luxury tights. Their tights are beautifully made and oh so durable.

Walford Tights


Great For muffin tops, tall and slim I am but I do suffer from this now and then, to love handles, cellulite dimples. You catch my drifts – for that ultra slick figure whatever your body shape or size Spanx are it. Esp when it comes to wearing figure hugging dresses and skirts Spanxs are a great choice for all ladies looking for the perfect comfortable body-slimming shape wear. Another luxury set of tights but offering both control and style.


Tabio is a specialty tights store a and socks shop in Covent Garden offering a wide selection of patterned tights, leggings and leg warmers (oh yeah I’m an 80’s chick, I own a few pairs of cosy leg warmers – warmth and comfort in the winter!)

Marks and Spencer’s

I’ve added Mark’s and Spencer’s as a tried and tested for quality & I actually picked up two super sexy tights for my after hours wink worthy moment. I’m a fan of fish net tights (done with taste and class of course) & stay ups with the complimentary bits & bobs that you can jazz ‘em up with —there’s something about old school fashion underwear basics that’s oh so feminine which screams self care that todays ‘I’ll just pick up a pair of tights up whilst doing the groceries’ simply doesn’t do…
Marks and Spencers

So knowing that there’s a wide selection of styles and colours out there I hope I’ve inspired you to check out your high streets and accessories section in most shops from Primark, Topshop, Next and for uber luxury Selfridges, House of Fraser and Harrods. Shops have many unique styles that can add that perfect finishing touch any out outfit.

That’s all for now lovely ladies… I’ll share my second aha in another post.

Ps. I’ve actually made it a point in the past to have a shopping day dedicated to tights and complimentary bits because I love how they can totally transform an outfit. Why not do the same…the shops won’t feel so overwhelming if you’re going with focus & purpose.

The Beauty uses for Coconut Oil.

Coconut Oil tops it as my must have beauty care product & what’s more it’s oh so natural. I’m totally obsessed with the oil that I have a jar in almost every room in the house. It’s sooo multi functional – I use it for cooking, yes it does mean a lot of my dishes have that Thai essence and smell, but when I think about the goodness it’s doing within me, heck yeah I’m happy to make the substitution! Plus it’s moisturising for your hair, skin & much more (psst -it’s a lush alternative for massage), it just comes in handy for so many unexpected reasons I’ve now come to learn.It even makes it to my medicine cupboard for rashes, anti bacterial properties (yes, it’s super duper for yeast infections and vaginal dryness!) and ear infections…. Isn’t mother nature just fab…beauty inside & out! But don’t just take my word for it. Check out this youtube post.