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For all you busy mums, single ladies and women the world over, we are sometimes all too busy focusing on other areas of our lives that we begin to neglect one of the important aspects in our lives, OURSELVES.
Sure, you might have an amazing career, taken time out to start a family or taken the plunge and decided to leave the so called stress of the corporate world behind, you’re network your butts off as you start your own biz. You’re busy, committed and a high achiever juggling your daily to do list – however that doesn’t mean that your self care and beauty regime should be the last thing on your to do. Whilst you’ve invested time in all other areas of your life, you’ve seen your image as a frivolous thing that celebs do – but you’re craving craving a fresh look at your image, beauty or style?
Whatever the case…You want to more VISIBILITY in your life – whether it’s that little confidence booster or simply looking and feeling fab-you-lous.

Our wardrobes play a big part in helping us present the BEST VERSION of ourselves to those around us. I know for a fact that when you look your best, you’re at your best! And with a closet bursting at the seams, full of clothes, there’s always that one dilemma we face every time.


This is where I come in. My name is Remi, former city professional I’ve ditched my office, coffee & lunch break chats to about the latest trends to help more women ditch the dreaded morning and date night wardrobe woes so we – you can focus on dominating the boardroom
Together, you and I can unleash your inner WOW Factor – leaving you looking and feeling sassy and effortlessly put together.
I’m here to help you style your wardrobe, beauty routine and life! Let’s face it, city life is pretty demanding; your personal beauty and image doesn’t have to be.

Love it or hate it, appearances matter. Beauty is in nature – our DNA. Working with me is all about tapping in to that amazing woman that you are and bringing her out to the world.
In a corporate setting, employers will always favor people who they feel best represents the image of their corporate brand.

Meanwhile, in the dating department, men, no matter how amazing your personality is will always be attracted to your physical appearance. The way you present yourself speaks volumes of how you are as a woman and as a potential lover. And even as a stay at home mum, do you feel uninspired by the lack of colour in the household? Wearing all that drab clothes in your closet. If you’ve ever thought about defining and upgrading your image to attract all of your aspirations in life, there’s on better time to do so than NOW.